The withdrawal of NATO troops almost two years ago has had a devastating impact on Afghanistan.

With other politicians reluctant to leave the relative safety of Kabul, Zubair Massoud, advisor to the National Security Council and the nephew of the reverred 'Lion of Panjshir' is determined to see the country for himself. He is being increasingly spoken of as a future leader in Afghanistan, and despite being advised on multiple occasions not to leave Kabul, this is one journey he feels duty bound to make.

Travelling on perhaps the most dangerous road in the world, the Baghlan-Kunduz Highway, Zubair, accompanied by producer Jamie Doran head north from Kabul to the breathtaking mountains of Badakhshan, where the insurgents have seized control of large swathes of territory. 

The result? They are caught in an ambush by the Taliban in the mountains, then in a major fire-fight near Kunduz with ISIS fighters just 50 meters away and, finally, have to make a frantic race for survivial right through the middle of enemy held territory. 

We speak with Taliban prisoners (captured by Massoud's own forces as we film in the mountains); to local militia commanders in Takhar, who want to be set free to attack the Taliban; to ANA grunts, bloodied yet determined to stop their enemy advancing, whose every waking moment is lived in fear of attack; and to ordinary people who flock to the streets to welcome a man they feel is on their side. 

15 years ago this month, Jamie had journeyed to Afghanistan to interview Zubair's uncle, Ahmad Shah Massoud, the man who had originally chased the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan in 1989.

But before he could reach the encampment, Massoud was killed by Al Qaeda. Two days later, 9/11 shocked the world to its core and things would never be the same again. 

Many Afghans feel betrayed and abandoned by the West, although few have been willing to make their feelings public. But Zubair Massoud has decided to speak out before it's too late... and he has a plan, one that wil cause constentation in Western circles.... he wants the Russians to return to Afghanistan and join the fight. 

You can watch the trailer here.