Al Qaeda and ISIL have always considered 'the West,' and especially the USA, their ultimate enemy. However following Vladimir Putin's bombing campaign in Syria, Russia may have taken its place as ISIL's main target. 

Thousands of ISIL fighters are regrouping in the mountains in northern Afghanistan, plotting revenge against the Kremlin. ISIL's high command have given orders to target Russian cities, with thousands of trained fighters ready to act following an order. 

The recent attack on the metro in St Petersburg showed how no modern city can be a fortress. On a moving train, in the middle of the day, a young Uzbek man with Russian citizenship detonated a bomb made with TNT and packed with shrapnel. Dozens were hurt and 14 killed. The bomber was later reported to have been in Syria with ISIL in 2014. 

With unprecedented access, ISIL: Target Russia looks at how ISIL and its splinter groups are training and organising to move fighter units north, through the Caucuses, with the intent of attacking Russia. We meet commanders and fighters in remote mountains who explain their plan to hit Russia is well underway, as well as profiling some of ISIL's women fighters. 

The Russian's maintain that they are monitoring ISIL's movements closely, claiming lack of concern regarding threats from the group, but the Russia-Aghanistan connection is nothing new, with decades-old history laced in conflcit. When the Soviet army eventually withdrew in 1989, the power vacuum made way for the rise of different armed factions which would slowly tear the nation apart - allowing the Taliban, ISIL, and al Qaeda to take root in Afghanistan. 

Many in Afghanistan see the recent influx of ISIL fighters as a major threat to Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries. 

As Zubair Massoud, the nephew of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the adviser to the Afghan National Security Council states,

'The terrorists that you see in Syria are the same indiciduals that are here now in Afghanistan. These are terrorists that come from different countries - from Tajikistan, from Uzbekistan, Chechnya. It's a strategic place. They could go across the border, and finally their main goal is Russia.' 

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