The Sword and the Shield

The Sword and the Shield We track the rise of the mysterious and widely-feared KGB, which has continued thanks largely to the ascension of Vladimir Putin, from a lowly lieutenant colonel to President of this vast country. Read more.

ISIS and the Taliban: The Journey 

zubair20low20res We join a member of  Afghanistan's most  famous family as he  embarks on a perilous  journey through        Afghanistan. Read more.

ISIS in Afghanistan

In a special report, we reveal how ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan, and how they're focusing their efforts on training kids to join Jihad in the war-torn country. Read more.

Syria's Second Front

Three years after the start of the Syrian Revolution, the rebels are no longer just fighting the regime of President al-Assad, they’re also fighting ISIS, who are quickly gaining ground and imposing their own barbaric rule. Read more.

Arming the Rebels

This film offers a rare glimpse into a covert program by U.S. intelligence forces who have been training and arming select groups of Syrian rebels out of a previously unreported location, in Qatar. . Read more

Pakistan's Hidden Shame

phs poster  In towns and cities in  Pakistan, tens of  thousands of young  boys have become  the victims of  paedophiles.          Read more

Pakistan's Open Secret

Many among Pakistan's 100,000 transgenders scrape a living through dancing, singing and begging on the streets of Karachi. Others earn money catering for the sexual needs of men in the city's seedier districts. read more

Sudan: The Break-Up


It was the giant of Africa: A nation which once represented the greatest hope for peaceful coexistence between Arab and African, Muslim & Christian. Now, that hope is all but gone and the country has broken in two and is in constant threat of war. A 3-part series. read more

ISIL: Target Russia 

isil20target20russia20nazia We journey through  the mountains of  Afghanistan to track  down ISIL fighters  who are plotting an  attack against  Russia. Read more.

The Boy Who Started the Syrian War

 We tell the story of  Mouawiyah Syasneh,  the boy whose anti- Assad graffiti lit the  spark that engulfed  Syria. Read more.


Living Beneath the Drones

We investigate the devastating impact that war and living under the constant threat of drones has had on the mental health of the people of Afghanistan. Read more.

On the Front Lines With the Taliban

With unprecedented access, we follow Taliban fighters as they launch an attack against the Afghan National Army (ANA) from the Taliban stronghold on Charkh District, just an hour outside the Afghan capital, Kabul. Read more.

The Girls of the Taliban

A new wave of privately run madrasas are opening across Afghanistan, igniting fears amongst women’s rights groups that their already limited freedoms are again under threat. read more

Battle For Syria

dvd_Battleforsyria Clover Films producer Jamie Doran and Guardian correspondent Ghaith Abdul-Ahad travel to the frontline where rebel fighters face the forces of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, witnessing the deadliest period of the fighting so far. read more

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

An award-winning crew investigates a sexual exploitation ring operated by Afghan warlords. Hundreds of boys as young as 10, taken off the streets on the promise of a new life away from poverty, whose real fate is to be used for entertainment and sex. read more


2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the first man in space. Starman relates the moving tale of Yuri Gagarin, the son of a Russian peasant. This re-release of the film, (and accompanying book co-written by Jamie Doran), tells the extraordinary true story behind the legend and was described by Victor Lewis Smith as 'television at its finest.'

Prisons Uncovered: Out of Control?

prisons20uncovered20out20of20control Focussing on the riot in HMP Birmingham in 2016, we explore the state of the nation's prisons. Read more





The Taliban Hunters

We join the Taliban Hunters, Karachi's elite police unit who are fighting back against Taliban militants in an attempt to regain control of the dangerous city. Read more.

Kenya's Enemy Within

 kenyas enemy withinResponding to al-  Shabab attacks, the  Kenyan government  has promised to build a  wall along the  Somalian border. But is  it too late? Read more.

This is Taliban Country

A Taliban stronghold in the Charkh District has become a microcosm of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Though only an hour from Kabul, armed Taliban patrol the streets openly and have built a parallel administration in Charkh, including Islamic law courts and girls schools. Read more.

Inside the Taliban

On the eve of the historic withdrawal from Afghanistan of most American, British and other NATO forces, Clover Films has gained unique access inside a Taliban stronghold just 60 miles from the capital Kabul. Read more.

Opium Brides

Clover Films journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the deadly bargain local farmers are being forced to make in order to save their own lives. read more

In The Hands of Al Qaeda

In_The_Hands_Publishing Guardian reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad and Safa Al Ahmad risk their lives to get inside Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to investigate how they were able to capture  and control Yemeni towns and cities. read more

Africa Rising

Imagine an Africa without thousands of foreign aid workers telling Africans what to do; Imagine an Africa without billions in aid going directly into western bank accounts as salary payments to those same foreign workers; Imagine Africans solving Africa’s problems themselves…  read more

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