The Need For Speed

The Need for Speed’ exposes how the Pentagon has been issuing a concoction of mind-altering drugs to its soldiers and airmen.

Wasps & Witches

War is the prerogative of men, or so most men believe. But Wasps & Witches tells the previously untold story of the astonishing bravery of women pilots from the United States, Russia, Britain and Germany during the Second World War.


A story of love, despair and manipulation; a gigantic struggle between East and West in which the pawns were young women forced by the KGB to seduce secrets from foreign military, businessmen and diplomats to satisfy its insatiable desire for information.

City of Murder & Mayhem

This film portrays life on the edge of death in Moscow. We follow the exploits of two men: one a billionaire banker and the other a special forces soldier brought to the capital to combat violent crime. Though they never meet, their lives become intertwined in the madness of Moscow.

Android Prophecy

For almost a century, Hollywood has been warning us of an impending future when human beings become enslaved by machines. Should we be taking these warnings seriously? Android Prophecy investigates the parallels between movie director fantasy and science reality. Be frightened….be very frightened..

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Original Broadcaster

2001: The Making of a Myth UK: Channel 4
Single Pistol Shot UK: BBC, US: Discovery
The Red Bomb US: Three-part series for Discovery
The Thawing of a Cold War Warrior UK: BBC, US: Discovery, Japan: FujiSankei
Skeletons Have Names UK: Channel 4
The August Kings UK: Channel 4
Burma: The Final Stand UK: Channel 4, France: France 2
Alec The Pole UK: BBC
Technology Wars UK: Channel 4
Out of Order UK: Seven-part series for ITV network
Backstreet Betting UK: Channel 4


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