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Clover Films has been telling incredible stories with exclusive access for over 20 years ... and counting.

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Clover Films is recognised as a leading documentary production house, with over thirty prestigious awards won in the last decade alone. Its films and series, covering history, conflict, social injustice, human rights and the politics of sport, have been shown on over 50 channels across the globe. We have been honoured on two occasions by the United Nations for our work exposing the plight of exploited children in the Developing World, where laws have been changed to increase their protection as a result.

Featured Films

Frontline PBS

Clover Films investigates the consequences of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. With exclusive access to a militant wing of the Taliban, correspondent Najibullah Quraishi tells the story of Iran’s growing influence across Afghanistan.

Trailer | IMDb

Director   Jamie Doran
Executive Producer   Tracey ‘H’ Doran-Carter

An incredible journey across the globe to meet the world’s greatest football fans. We follow the Fascist-fighting fanatics of St.Pauli in Germany, the amazing women who have changed what it means to be a football fan in Indonesia, the courageous Moroccan supporters taking to the stands to defend their rights and many more. This series offers more proof of a well-known truth: it’s the fans who make football.

Trailer | IMDb

Producer & Narrator   Jamie Doran

Executive Producer   Tracey ‘H’ Doran-Carter


Frontline PBS, Al Jazeera

ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan — and they say they’re getting young kids to join the jihad. In a special report, FRONTLINE correspondent Najibullah Quraishi reveals on film the degree to which ISIS is gaining a foothold in the country, and how they’re focusing their efforts on training a new generation of jihadists.

Trailer | IMDb

Filmed & Directed by   Najibullah Quraishi

Executive Producer   Jamie Doran
Production Manager   Tracey ‘H’ Doran-Carter

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