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Afghanistan: The Journey


ABC Australia

The highway to northern Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous roads in the world, cutting through territory controlled by the Taliban and Islamic State. It's a risky place at the best of times, let alone if you're a western filmmaker travelling with a member of Afghanistan's most famous political family. "The small narrow valley, these very tall mountains, it's just a perfect place for guerrilla warfare. Insurgents can attack us at any point... they'll be hiding in the villages, they'll be hiding in the mountains." Zubair Massoud, Strategic Adviser. Zubair Massoud, advisor to the Afghan National Security Council, is increasingly spoken of as a future leader of Afghanistan. That makes him a high value Taliban target. Despite advice from his security team, he makes the perilous journey to Kunduz to see the deteriorating security situation for himself. He takes award-winning filmmaker Jamie Doran with him.

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Producer & Narrator 

Jamie Doran

Executive Producer  

Tracey Doran-Carter

Field Producer 

Najibullah Quraishi


McDonald Brown

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