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The Fans Who Make Football: Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Al Jazeera

You’ll Never Walk Alone is Liverpool Football Club’s war cry for the underprivileged – a cry of unity against adversity and authoritarian rule – and it rings loud and in unison at every Liverpool match. For Liverpool fans, it is about more than football. It is a fight for equality, social justice and a voice for the United Kingdom’s working-class often ignored by a series of right-wing governments who neglected the country’s north. Liverpool FC’s famous stadium sat within the working classes of the city and stood in the face of a government set on treating victims of poverty as collateral damage. And despite the money behind the multimillion-dollar game, Liverpool have remained a team that continues to put the people before profit.

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Producer & Narrator 

Jamie Doran

Executive Producer  

Tracey Doran-Carter

Field Producer 

Najibullah Quraishi


McDonald Brown

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