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The Fans Who Make Football: St Pauli

Hamburg, Germany

Al Jazeera

Since it was established in 1910, FC St Pauli of German football’s second tier has become one of Hamburg’s best-known exports. But it is not their football that has garnered so much attention. It is their unwavering fandom cultivated over decades that has made the club famous around the world. Proudly anti-establishment, St Pauli supporters are united in empathy, representing the poor and downtrodden – a far cry from violent hooliganism common amongst football “ultras” in other parts of Europe.Beyond the usual football chants and rock music, we follow the “ultras” of FC St Pauli, a beacon of hope in the midst of Europe’s rising far-right movements.

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Producer & Narrator 

Jamie Doran

Executive Producer  

Tracey Doran-Carter

Field Producer 

Najibullah Quraishi


McDonald Brown

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