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The Promoters

Nairobi, Kenya


This is the untold story of how Kenyan police have executed over 8,500 boys and young men in the name of fighting rising crime. For the first time, three Nairobi cops risk their own lives to justify the murders they commit on a daily basis. Never before have police given their side of the story in such depth. They argue eloquently that they provide a vitally important service for society. Without their killings, they insist, there would be anarchy because slums are growing too fast and the existing judicial system cannot cope. They say they’re ‘promoting’ criminals to a better place, where they will be judged by God… The Promoters tells a chilling story of official complicity in mass murder, of police support for mob executions, and how even parents seeking justice for their children can be rewarded with death.

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Producer & Narrator 

Jamie Doran

Executive Producer  

Tracey Doran-Carter

Field Producer 

Najibullah Quraishi


McDonald Brown

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